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We have 7 Heifers that are currently exposed to SF Mr. Deckers Samson (P43250987)

Don't miss this opportunity to own these fabulous genetics!

Welcome our first heifer of 2019!

Our calving season this year is off to a great start! We have 2 polled heifers and 1 bull. If you're interested in calves for sale, give us a call!

SA Athena (Registration Pending) SOLD!
A beautiful polled heifer born 3/13/2018.The darker red color, straight back and some pigmentation in eyes. Will be a borderline 00/000 in size.


SA Bucky (P43815937)
Born on 12/23/2016. He is a 2 year old virgin bull who is ready for the ladies. He is that darker red color and has pigmentation on his eyes.

SA Apollo (registration pending)
Born on 2/8/2018. He is a dandy little polled bull who has pigmentation on his eyes. He will probably be a borderline 00/000.

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